Founstone Labs (now part of McAfee) violates GPL or not?

DePriest, Jason R.
Tue Oct 9 03:33:00 GMT 2007

Foundstone Labs has a few free tools they release that are compiled
against the cygwin1.dll.

The free tools are:
pasco (
galleta (
rifiuti (

Pasco includes its source code and is probably okay on that part, but
it doesn't include the text of the GPL and the cygwin1.dll file has a
BuildDate of '2003-03-18 09:20' and a File and Product Version number
of 1.3.22-dontuse-21
I can recompile it with the source and it works fine.

The other two products, galleta and rifiuti, ship with the same
version of cygwin1.dll but don't have the source code or the license

I've tried asking the McAfee reps that deal with my employer to look
into it, but got nowhere.  I have also emailed the person listed on
the sites for these tools as the author and have not received a

I'd really like to have these tools compiled under a modern version of
the cygwin1.dll.

Do they (Foundstone now McAfee) have one of those special license
agreements with RedHat to use cygwin1.dll without provided license
information or source code?

Thank you,


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