How to write directory address under Cygwin?

Mon Oct 8 07:37:00 GMT 2007

René Berber <> wrote:
> Peter Hains wrote:
> > "C:\cygwin\home\PHains\SuperHirn\make" directory on my hard drive. My
> > problem is getting the UNIX software to understand where the parameter
> > file can be found.
> > 
> > I've tried the Windows nomenclature as outlined above and what I think
> > is the Cygwin version;
> > 
> > /home/PHains/SuperHirn/make
> This last one is the correct way to specify a path.

Well, that's nice Rene, but the home directory and the user's has to be manually created.  At least in my case.  I created a /home directory and in it a soft link to the directory I wanted to use as home.

Otherwise, in XP home is somewhere in /cygdrive/c//Documents\ and\ Settings/<USERNAME>

> > and various other permutations. So far I have had no joy and the program
> > keeps on telling me the file cannot be found at "whatever_I_entered."
> terminal with: [ -d ~/SuperHirn/make ] && echo "Yes, directory exist" .

just do 
   ls -l ~/SuperHirn/make
> -- 
> René Berber

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