How to write directory address under Cygwin?

Peter Hains
Mon Oct 8 05:04:00 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I know this quite probably a very basic question, so basic in fact, I 
haven't been able to find any help! I have Cygwin up and running on 
my PC and I am trying to use a UNIX program under Cygwin. The program 
requires a parameter file telling it where to find all the files it 
has to work on. This file can be found in the 
"C:\cygwin\home\PHains\SuperHirn\make" directory on my hard drive. My 
problem is getting the UNIX software to understand where the 
parameter file can be found.

I've tried the Windows nomenclature as outlined above and what I 
think is the Cygwin version;


and various other permutations. So far I have had no joy and the 
program keeps on telling me the file cannot be found at "whatever_I_entered."

Can somebody please tell me what the correct syntax would be in this case??

Thanks for your help,


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