runnable cygwin on a platter (CD)

Paul McFerrin
Fri Oct 5 02:16:00 GMT 2007

         ********  SURVEY REQUEST ONLY   *********
       Replies to only: if interested


This notice to see how many persons *might* be interested in a "running" 
copy of cygwin on a CD.  The download size would be around 106 MB.  I'm 
trying to address the usefulness of the product and a place to host this 
product.  If you have an interest, please do NOT clutter-up this mailing 
list but EMAIL DIRECTLY TO: INSTEAD.  Here are 
the product features:

    1- An auto-run version of cygwin 1.5.24, just insert CD
    2- Requires NO installation of cygwin
    3- Minimal set of packages which includes (but not limited)
Cygwin Package Information
Package              Version
ash                  20040127-3
base-files           3.7-1
base-passwd          2.2-1
bash                 3.2.25-16
binutils             20060817-1
brltty               3.8-3
bzip2                1.0.3-2
clear                1.0-2
coreutils            6.9-4
fileutils            4.1-3
findutils            4.3.8-1
gcc                  3.4.4-3
gdb                  20060706-2
grep                 2.5.1a-4
groff                1.18.1-2
gzip                 1.3.12-2
man                  1.6e-1
perl                 5.8.8-4
perl_manpages        5.8.7-5
tar                  1.18-2
termcap              20050421-1
terminfo             5.5_20061104-1
texinfo              4.8a-1
textutils            2.0.21-2
unzip                5.52-2
vim                  7.1-1
zip                  2.32-2

The full installation was severely "stripped" of many products.  E.g. no 
X11 stuff.  This was necessary to get a reasonable download size.  I'm 
still working on this stripping process to get it smaller.

After inserting the CD, it will come up with a DOS and "rxvt" windows, 
each with a copy of "ksh" running.  If you want a different shell, 
you're on your own to modify it.

How many times have you been called to someone else's PC only to be 
faced with only MS GUI or DOS shell available?  With CygwinOnAPlatter 
you can have nearly a complete copy of Cygwin running on another PC 
without installing anything!

Cygwin has limited testing on WinXP-sp2 systems.  I have NO other OS's 
to test on.

If you already have a copy of Cygwin installed when you insert the CD; 
the present mounts will be saved before remounting everything for the 
CD.  Upon exit of the DOS window, the original mounts will be restored.

Again, this is only a survey.  The outcome will determine if it will be 
made available, on which server, and what time frame.

I created a B20 version of this CD many years ago.  I found it immensely 
useful over the years.  I was thinking that B20 is quite old.  Are there 
any adequate web space available to host a project of this size?  Yes, 
I'm very cheap and retired (income limited)

- Paul McFerrin

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