screen reattach not working?

Andrew Schulman
Fri Oct 5 00:20:00 GMT 2007

> Hi!
> What is the current status of screen reattach?
> For me it does not work under the default cygwin bash shell, which
> uses cmd console afaik and it does not work under cygwin sshd. The
> only way it works is under cygwin rxvt. I would most like to use it
> under sshd.
> What's the magic to make it work? :)

Hi Damjan.  There's information about this in
/usr/share/doc/screen/README.Cygwin.  Read that, but the short version is that
all features of screen are supposed to work correctly in a DOS console with
CYGWIN=tty (set before you open the console), and in rxvt, PuTTYcyg, and
xterm.  I'm not sure about an ssh session.

In fact though, I've had some trouble reattaching to old sessions (I use
PuTTYcyg), but it's nothing I've ever been able to pin down.  The older the
sessions get, the more likely they are to be bad and then I have to -wipe
them, and manually kill any of their child processes.

Please keep posting test reports about screen so I can try to figure out
what's going on.


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