Bad EXE format (error 193)

Lynn Winebarger
Thu Oct 4 15:04:00 GMT 2007

On 10/4/07, Dave Korn <> wrote:
> On 04 October 2007 15:26, Lynn Winebarger wrote:
> > Thanks, Dave.  I did compile a hello-world.c program, and it ran, but
> > I had also compiled PLT scheme v360 before (needed to bootstrap
> > Larceny) and had run it without problem as well (I had thought this
> > might be a permission issue, because what bash actually reports is
> > "Access denied" - the underlying error took further investigation)
>   Actually, I was trying to ask if you'd compiled a basic "helloworld" with
> your new larceny compiler, or indeed if this example of yours is already a
> very simple test program; i.e. is it only complex larceny executables that
> don't work, or even the very simplest ones.
   I did not understand.  No, the larceny binary (runtime
system/interpreter) won't load at all - it doesn't even make it to the
entry point.  I'm more than willing to send the "executable".  It
might be something an expert could quickly spot.  Or the linker map
output, if that would be useful.


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