Bad EXE format (error 193)

Lynn Winebarger
Thu Oct 4 14:26:00 GMT 2007

(Sorry for the formatting, I belatedly subscribed to the list and got
this as a thread digest)
> From: "Dave Korn" <>
> > On 04 October 2007 14:56, Dave Korn wrote:
> >
> >>   We might be able to make guesses at what was wrong with the compiled
> >> program if you told us *in what way* it is "not close enough to satisfy
> >> Windows XP".
> >
> >   Ah.  And I just took a closer look at the subject line.  So I'm guessing
> > you see an error message along those lines, yes?  Hm.  Does it still happen
> > if you compile the most basic sort of "hello world" program?
>   It might also be informative to run "cygcheck <path-to-exe>" on your
> compiled executable; that'll display the dependent DLLs for you.  A bit of
> googling suggests that 193 can be caused by a corrupt/bogus executable, but
> equally by a good executable thatt depends on a DLL which is faulty.

Thanks, Dave.  I did compile a hello-world.c program, and it ran, but
I had also compiled PLT scheme v360 before (needed to bootstrap
Larceny) and had run it without problem as well (I had thought this
might be a permission issue, because what bash actually reports is
"Access denied" - the underlying error took further investigation).

$ cygcheck ./larcenybin.exe


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