Can cron cause computer to wake up from hibernate?

Andrew DeFaria
Wed Oct 3 05:14:00 GMT 2007

Matthew Wozniski wrote:
> Hibernation does involve swapping everything in memory to disk, 
> freezing the state of all processes, and powering down the system. 
> But, the system being powered down does not mean that no part of the 
> system is receiving power. In fact, Wake On LAN technology is designed 
> to work on machines that are completely shut down - the only caveat is 
> that the motherboard reserves power for the network card, and the 
> network card scans for a particular magic packet addressed to it. If 
> that packet shows up, the computer turns itself back on.
This would be the first time that I've ever heard of this. Forgive me 
for saying but do you have a reference?
> So, not only can this bring a computer out of sleep or hibernation, it 
> can bring a computer out of a shutdown, too, as long as the device is 
> still plugged in.
Exactly! How would it bring my dead computer out or hibernation when 
it's in a moving truck? Methinks you're still thinking of sleep mode, 
not hibernation.
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