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Gmain User fma@doe.carleton.ca
Tue Oct 2 19:39:00 GMT 2007

Andrew DeFaria <Andrew <at> DeFaria.com> writes:
>Gmain User wrote:
>> Andrew DeFaria wrote:
>>> Personally I'd:
>>> $ mv /home /home.save
>>> $ mount -bsf //<server>/<homeshare> /home
>>> $ mv -rp /home.save/* /home
>>> Adjust the output of /etc/passwd to use /home/$USER
>> That places all cygwin file trees for all user accounts (including 
>> administrators) onto my own domain network file space.
> Yes, isn't it wonderful! 
> Now everybody can log into anybody's machine and feel right at home 
> (pardon the pun). And people's desktops can actually be used at night to 
> assist with nighttime processing like builds and the like - just like if 
> you had a bunch of Linux or Unix boxes. Now imagine that!

Except that network file space with which I am provided is account
specific i.e. for myself only.

>> I suspect that it isn't what I'm seeking to realize, though it is
>> an interesting way to migrate account file trees.
> If you are that concerned about eveybodys home directory being mounted 
> do this instead:
>$ mv /home/$USER /home/$USER.save
>$ mount -bsf //<server>/<myhomeshare> /home/$USER
>$ mv -p /home/$USER/save/* /home/$USER

Of course.  Good way to make the network file space appear the same as
a conventional cygwin installation.  Thanks.

Now it's really a matter of deciding whether to work off the network
file space by default.  It offers mobility, but also vulnerability to
network issues.  Some pondering is due.

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