Sorry Resend: Cygwin For Vista Setup Postinstall With Cygcheck.out

Thomas Dineen
Mon Oct 1 20:07:00 GMT 2007

Larry & All:

     I installed the same Cygin SW release on my 2 GHZ single core
Win 2000 desk top machine and it completed the "Running" part of the
installation in a timely manor.

     Is there a reason that it would take (possible hours) to complete
on a new dual core 1.8 GHZ Laptop with Windows Vista? Maybe
a laptop performance issue? Ram? Disk?

     Also is there a simple and quick method for removing the defective
Cygin install? Currently I have a difficult time deleting the directories
because of file sharing issues. Please note the last time I did this I
had to stay up half the night.

     Also is there a easy way of patching a hung install in the
"Running" phase by running the install scripts by hand with a
master install script from the shell? What is the name and directory
path for the master install script?

Thanks for the help. As I noted the Cygin on my Windows 2K
machine works great.

Thomas Dineen

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:

> Thomas Dineen wrote:
>> Gentle People:
>>  I have found a bug actually a hang condition when I attempt to
>> run Setup for Cygwin on my Toshiba Satellite with MS Vista
>> with all current MS Windows updates installed.
>>  The hang occurs in the "Running" section of Setup on the file:
>> /etc/postinstall/
> I believe the typical response to this in the past has been "Have you
> waited long enough?".  As I recall, this particular post install does
> *allot* of work.  You need to wait until it's finished (possibly hours?)
> Also, make sure you run 'setup.exe' as Administrator.

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