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Gmain User fma@doe.carleton.ca
Mon Oct 1 16:04:00 GMT 2007

Andrew DeFaria wrote:
>Gmane User wrote:
>> ACcording to http://cygwin.com/faq/faq.setup.html#faq.setup.home,
>> the cygwin home directory is determined by the checking the
>> following, in the order listed:
>> 1. Windows HOME environment variable
>> 2. /etc/passwd
>> 3. HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH variables in the Windows environment
>> 4. /
>> I recently got a new domain account, and the cygwin home directory
>> is a network drive, instead of c:/cygwin/home/UserName. I am
>> currently trying to research the causes, though I don't have access
>> to the machine in question at the moment.  I assume that the path to
>> the home directory was embedded in /etc/passwd, which I created
>> using "mkpasswd -d". I am debating on manually changing this in
>> /etc/passwd back to c:/cygwin/home/UserName, since I might ssh into
>> the machine, in which case the network drive will likely not be
>> accessible. As well, working off a network drive by default makes
>> one more vulnerable to network problems.  The only thing which might
>> make the network drive attractive is the limited space on the local
>> drive.
>> If I were make c:/cygwin/home/UserName my home directory, what is
>> the best way?  Ssh only considers /etc/passwd, so it seems best to
>> manually set it there, though I'd have to manually fix it each time
>> I recreate it. It still seems to be the best way, but opinions are
>> welcome on "good practice".
> Personally I'd:
>    $ mv /home /home.save
>    $ mount -bsf //<server>/<homeshare> /home
>    $ mv -rp /home.save/* /home
>Adjust the output of /etc/passwd to use /home/$USER

That places all cygwin file trees for all user accounts (including
administrators) onto my own domain network file space.  I suspect that
it isn't what I'm seeking to realize, though it is an interesting way
to migrate account file trees.

My coreutils 6.7-2 doesn't have a "-r" option for the "mv" command.  I
haven't been able to find release notes for the currrent coreutils
6.9-5 to see if it is simply a new switch.  Is there somewhere online
where the release notes can be perused so that I can avoid updating
cygwin right away?  I usually find that an update is followed by a
period of anomalous behaviour.

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