Failure in building GFortran on Cygwin

Corinna Vinschen
Fri Nov 30 15:55:00 GMT 2007

On Nov 30 07:26, Eric Blake wrote:
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> According to Corinna Vinschen on 11/30/2007 7:20 AM:
> > 
> > However, this *is* a problem in the newlib/cygwin headers.  Cygwin
> > exports a timezone function and a _timezone variable.  The timezone
> > function was an ill-advised invention in Cygwin way back in the last
> > century.  Unfortunately it has to be kept for backward compatibility.
> For 1.5.x, yes.  But can we delete timezone() for 1.7.x, on the grounds
> that any binary that still uses the timezone function is old enough that
> it would benefit from re-porting to the latest cygwin sources anyway?

I'm thinking along the same lines.  While that breaks backward
compatibility, I'm not overly concerned in case of applications which
have never been ported to a newer Cygwin version the last 10 or so


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