configure command does not run.... d2u does not help either... appreciation from Dave

asadollahbaik a. (aa306)
Fri Nov 30 14:24:00 GMT 2007

>> Hi,
>> I am a new user to cygwin and even to unix.
>> I am trying to compile a package called "meep" by means of cygwin.
>> While running the configure command I get an error as:
>> ./configure: line 13: $'r': command not found
>Guess #1:  Don't use WinZIP (or any other windows GUI program) to unpack
>.tar.gz files for Cygwin, because they mangle the line ends from LF to CRLF.
>Use "tar xvzf meep-0.10.1.tar.gz" in a bash shell instead.

Dear Dave,

I owe you a big appreciation. After one week and half struggling with this program uninstalling and reinstalling for thousands time a day, you helped me a lott...!!!!


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