configure command does not run.... d2u does not help either...

asadollahbaik a. (aa306)
Thu Nov 29 16:27:00 GMT 2007


I am a new user to cygwin and even to unix.

I am trying to compile a package called "meep" by means of cygwin.
While running the configure command I get an error as:

./configure: line 13: $'r': command not found
./configure: line 21: syntax error near unexpected token 'elif'
./configure: line 21: 'elif test -n "${BASH_VERSION+set}" && <set -o posix> >/de
'/null 2>&1;then 

searching the mailing list someone else (Keon) had this problem and a suggested solution from Larry Hall was to run all the commands under "d2u".
I tried to do it, but again it didnt help me either. it gave me some errors in the middle telling me in some specific lines the "command not found" and also at the end "cannot run /bin/sh ./config.sub"

I apologize if the problem sounds really stupid, but I have no idea about unix and its related stuff.


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