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Wed Nov 28 01:14:00 GMT 2007

Tomasz Jankowski wrote:
> One more question, does anyone tried to build sctplib using cygwin?
> Here is link to page with source code I'm talking about:
> The most important for me is package named 'socketapi', because it
> provides API documented in set of RFC documents about SCTP protocol
> API. I have talked with sctplib developers and they said that so far
> none had tried to build it for win32.
> -- 
> Cya!
> Tom

This is the very sort of thing that Cygwin was made for: using standard
POSIX code under Windows. In many cases, code can be compiled with no
changes at all. The end result is that you will have a bit of extra overhead
and a dependency on Cygwin, in exchange for very little programming effort,
and benefit from future improvements to the original library.

Joe Krahn

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