in /bin after installation

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Thu Nov 22 05:44:00 GMT 2007

C. Blue wrote:
> I installed to c:\cygin, but it always places me in c:\cygwin\bin when
> I click the cygwin icon. I thought I was supposed to be in my home
> folder, ie c:\cygwin\home\<myname>
> Also, the bash prompt looks very sparse, I thought something looked
> different when I last saw a cygwin system.
> Also, many files and stuff that various googling told me about are not
> there (for example any /etc/passwd, or any /etc/postsetup or some such
> things).
> It seems that this installation just somehow failed. I tried it 3
> times now, always the same.
> My system is windows 2003 sp 2.

Seems like your postinstall scripts are not running for some reason.
My WAG would be that you have some <>
that's interfering.  That may be the best place to start looking for a
fix.  Otherwise, you can certainly check the '/etc/postinstall' directory
for scripts that don't have a ".done" suffix and run them manually.
Assuming they run well that way, that should fix you up.

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