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Uber Zooka cannot.stop@gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 14:58:00 GMT 2007

> > I have a need to use a ssh client on a Linux machine to run a console
> > application on a windows machine via cygwin sshd.  How does one cause
> > the display to remain on the server machine?
> >
> Why is this Cygwin-specific?  Does what you're trying to do work
> Linux->Linux?  What are you trying to do specifically?  Unless you're
> running a console app that doesn't understand PTYs (i.e. non-Cygwin
> apps), you should see the output of any utility you run in the client
> on Linux.  You'll need to be more specific about what you're trying to
> do if this doesn't help you resolve your problem.  See:

Because he's trying to go from a linux machine to a machine running Cygwin....

He's trying to run an app on a windows machine and wants to know how
to make the console on the windows machine stay there.

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