can't run devenv through sshd

Dave Korn no.spam@my.mailbox.invalid
Tue Nov 20 20:49:00 GMT 2007

On 20 November 2007 19:05, Derek Lei Liu wrote:

> Thanks Dave for instant response. I suspect my problem is different
> from what you suggested.  Forgot to mention the symptom of my problem.
> The actually got invoked and just hang there forever. there
> is no error message spilled out. Not sure that make any difference.

  Well, that does sound like a different problem, everyone else was getting an
error message at the least.

> Any idea or should i just go ahead to try local user with password
> authentication enabled?

  It can't hurt to try, but hang on; are we talking about the devenv gui?
Does your sshd service entry have the "Allow service to interact with the
desktop" checkbox enabled in the services control manager?

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