Announce: FlexDLL, flexible DLLs under Windows

Alain Frisch
Tue Nov 20 15:11:00 GMT 2007

Dear Cygwin and MinGW mailing lists,

I'd like to announce the availability of FlexDLL, a new tool that should
greatly help porting some Unix applications under Windows. FlexDLL 
implements the classical POSIX dlopen API. In short, it lets you create 
DLLs with unresolved symbols. When a DLL is loaded, these symbols are 
matched against those found in the main program and in previously loaded 
DLLs. This should make the development of modular applications (plugins) 
much easier under Windows. Forget all the trouble about 
dllimport/dllexport directives, .def files and import libraries!

FlexDLL also exposes a common command-line interface to the Cygwin and 
Microsoft linkers, which should simplify the life of developers that 
targets several tool chains.


FlexDLL is open-source (MIT-like license) and it supports three
toolchains: Cygwin, MinGW, and native MSVC (x86 and x86_64). It acts as 
a wrapper around the linker (at compile-time) and as a wrapper around 
LoadLibrary (at runtime).

I hope this announce is not too much off-topic for these mailing lists.

Feedback and comments are very welcome!

   Alain Frisch

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