cygwin makes shared folders on vista

Tue Nov 20 14:50:00 GMT 2007


nmehta wrote:
> ...
> Also, if you create a directory in Cygwin on /c like you did it does not
> show up as shared.  If you create a directory in your Vista home directory
> (/c/Users/<username>/) on the other hand it shows up as shared.  
> ...
> I can also say that CYGWIN=notntsec does fix this behavior (created
> folders are no longer shared). 
> ...

Same thing for me: it depends on the current directory... subdirectories of
Desktop have also these unexpected shared files/directories generated.

Setting this variable CYGWIN=notntsec (with .bashrc or Vista system
environment variables)  is functioning well. No shared tags anymore when
creating files/dir from cygwin shell.

But if you compile a c program with cygwin/gcc(3.4.4) that generate files,
as this test-one :
Stupid-Vista by Georg Nikodym , 
then, this variable seems not to be used when the .exe file is not executed
from Cygwin-shell (run directly from windows explorer, for example). 
And then again appear problems of shared files/directories.
... I tried to call setenv(CYGWIN, nontsec,1) in C file, without success. 

One other strange thing, is that: if the .exe file is run "as
Administrator", then there's no more shared tags !? (my current Vista user
is belonging only to Administrators group; so, why is there a difference !?)

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