Launching java process trouble

Jeannot Lelapin
Mon Nov 19 09:54:00 GMT 2007

Hello Larry,

thank's for your link.

i create the all same variable in the bash script ( like when it is 
launch manually ) launched by crontab, and the java process launched by 
the AutoIt compiled script doesn't start.

I write a big AutoIt Script for Windows XP launch by JustInTimeScheduler 
and that's fine.


Jeannot Lelapin

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> Jeannot Lelapin wrote:
>> Hello Larry,
>> Thank's dor your explanation.
>> i read all the cygwin cron man page ( prehaps i don't how to do that 
>> ). I didn't find another explanation.
> Perhaps this link is more clear?
> <>
> In short, you get a minimal environment with cron.  If you want/need more
> than that, you have to make sure your crontab includes more.  My guess is
> that you're missing CLASSPATH and perhaps other settings that you need to
> make your job work.  Like I said though, this is not Cygwin-specific.  The
> same holds true for cron on any platform.

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