Request for information on the __INSIDE_CYGWIN__ #define

Brian Dessent
Thu Nov 15 11:38:00 GMT 2007

Sean Seefried wrote:

> The expression "__declspec(dllimport)" is a Microsoft extension and
> this is included precisely when __INSIDE_CYGWIN__ is *not* defined.
> Since I assume Cygwin is built using Visual C++ and
> __declspec(dllimport) is only accepted by this compiler I assume you
> have to have it undefined when compiling. Or is there something
> fundamental I'm missing here?

dllimport and dllexport are fully supported by gcc, they are not
specific to VC++.  It would be impossible for gcc to be a functioning
windows compiler if it did not support them.  And Cygwin is most
certainly not built with any MS tools.

The reason for the #ifdef is that these headers are included inside
Cygwin itself.  In other words, you can't dllimport a symbol that's in
the same module, you can only dllimport from other external modules.

> If I'm right (and I know I'm probably wrong) then __INSIDE_CYGWIN__
> would have to be defined when compiling things with gcc.  Where is it
> defined though?

It's only defined when compiling Cygwin itself (in winsup.h), *not* when
generally using gcc.


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