Asynchronous i/o

Wed Nov 14 17:21:00 GMT 2007

>   Should be fairly straightforward to implement, as windows I/O functions
> support asynchronous operations (called "overlapped" in msdn technology).  You
> shouldn't need to modify anything except the cygwin dll sources to add the
> functions.
>   See
> for
> some guidelines on how to build the cygwin dll from source.  When adding new
> functions to the DLL, you also need to list them in the "cygwin.din" file -
> that defines which functions get exported and which don't.
OK...learning. ;-[)

My reason for asking these questions is because some of the digging I did suggested there were other things not yet implemented that would make it near impossible to do this (something about pthreads).  What I am hearing now is that this not the case (anymore).  I will look at the links you provided.



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