Launching java process trouble

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Tue Nov 13 21:13:00 GMT 2007

Jeannot Lelapin wrote:
> Hello,
> under WinXP Pro, i do the following :
> - from cygwin ( environment whicj simulate unix environment ), a bash
> script which launch,
> - an Win32 executable ( autoit script
> compiled ) which launch,
> - a java process.
> This works fine when i launch tue bash script manually. If i launch the
> bash script from cron ( cygwin unix planner ), the process java does not
> start.
> With ( great win32 planner
> ), which launch the autoit script complied into win32 executable which
> launch the process java, that's ok, the java process start.
> Why does not java process start from cygwin cron planner ? what's the
> problem ? What does it lack from the environment ?
> Thank's a lot for ideas and advices.

First, cron does not provide you with the exact same set of environment
variables that you get when you're in an interactive shell.  See the man
pages for 'cron' and 'crontab' for more details.  This is not a 
Cygwin-specific issue and as such is off-topic for this list.

Second, in Cygwin, cron is run as a service by (typically) the SYSTEM
account.  If your program requires interaction with the Windows desktop to
work, you have to enable this setting on the service.  It's probably easiest
to do from "Administrative Tools" in the "Control Panel".  Go to "Services"
and find the cron service.  Double click on it and choose the "Log On"
tab.  Check the "Allow service to interact with desktop".

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