Reliable old script loses data on new Cygwin installation

Robert Pendell
Tue Nov 13 15:56:00 GMT 2007

Morgan Gangwere wrote:
> /!\ WOOGA WOOGA /!\
>  Possible Stupid human Error!
> /!\ OOOPS OOOPS /!\
> if the copy of xp is new enough, its got a funky little tool called
> the Windows Malware Detection And removal Tool (a freind of mine who
> is an MS MVP has had the same problem as you just under a different
> circumstance.)
> I took an sp1 machine, created some text files that i wanted to search
> for and got no problems on an athlon machine (2.4Ghz)
> I then upgraded to sp2 -- same machine, same 200gb sata hdd and everything
> no problems
> then i let it run its updates
> trace shows:
> its the windows malware detector (aka windows defender or whatever you
> want to call it.)
> also, avg can do this too
> try moving 200 files with mv -r /tmp/std-output/* /logs/$$/, each
> about 30kb each

One other thing I wanted to add to this was make sure the drives are not 
overheating.  Some drives will actually shut down or begin to act 
erratically if they get too hot.  I discovered this when doing work with 
my external drive (notebook ide using usb adapter).

P.S. - The reason for this issue was because I had the drive near an 
exhaust vent for my laptop -- mistake :(  It is normally fast enough to 
handle high speed burns or file transfers as necessary.

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