Setup reports in-use files when files don't exist, errors creating c:\cygwin and the setup log files

Matthew X. Economou
Sun Nov 11 08:51:00 GMT 2007

> In your attachment I see DISK FULL errors being reported by
> CreateFile.  It would not surprise me if the code that checks for "I
> can't create this because it's in use" was getting confused by a "I
> can't create this because there's no room" return value.  If that's
> the case it would definitely be a bug but it would not be the cause
> of why your installation is failing.  In other words, can you
> investigate why this DISK FULL result is being returned?

Thanks for your help.  The DISK FULL result was being caused by an
erroneous quota entry limiting my account to 1GB.  I removed the quota
limit and successfully re-ran setup.

Should I follow up on cygwin-apps regarding the error message?

Best wishes,

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