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Rob Siklos
Fri Nov 9 21:38:00 GMT 2007

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> | Hi,
> |
> | I'm running cron through cygwin, using ssmtp.exe as the sendmail
> | replacement.  It seems that none of cron's e-mails are getting through,
> | because my SMTP server rejects "root (Cron Daemon)" as a valid From 
> address
> | in the outgoing e-mail.
> |
> | Is there any way of changing this?
> Interesting. You are the first to mention this, so there is probably a 
> way.
> Have you tried running ssmtp-config and setting FromLineOverride and/or
> rewriteDomain?
> FYI ssmtp is called with the following command line:
> "-FCronDaemon -odi -oem -oi -t". I think ssmtp ignores all of them except 
> possibly -F
> Still FYI, exim with the default conf file rewrites to
> From: root@the.local.domain (Cron Daemon)
> If you find a solution, please let us know.
> Pierre

Hi Pierre,

My solution was to make /usr/sbin/sendmail look like this:

  sed -r -e 's/^From: root \(Cron Daemon\)\s*$/From:' | /usr/sbin/ssmtp.exe $@

It's a total hack, but it works.

I have FromLineOverride set to Yes, but I need it to be this way, so I 
didn't try changing it.  My SMTP server is a local IIS SMTP server - it 
doesn't appear to rewrite the domain the way exim might.  BTW, ssmtp doesn't 
ignore "-t" or "-oi". 

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