Connect browser via ssh tunnel to local server ?

Brian Dessent
Mon Nov 5 17:07:00 GMT 2007

Tony Benham wrote:

> I have a question re connecting a browser over ssh to a local apache server?
> I have an internal apache server used by local network users. This is not
> exposed on the internet at all. I have a couple of outside linux users who have
> ssh accounts on the apache server machine, so they can open a shell on that
> machine. Is it possible for these users to connect via ssh and run a browser
> from their machine and connect the apache server via the ssh connection in any
> way ? (and ideally only connect to the apache server ?) If so canyone give me
> some pointers as to how this could be done ?

Sure, just "ssh -D nnnn server" and then configure the browser to use a
socks proxy on localhost:nnnn, where nnnn is some available local port
number.  Now all browser traffic goes through the tunnel, and the
internal site can be accessed in whatever way it would if you were
sitting at the console of the server.

But what's this got to do with Cygwin?


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