Searching for apps in cygwin by keyword

Brian Dessent
Sat Nov 3 05:21:00 GMT 2007

Hussein Patwa wrote:

> Of course there are lots of apps included in the cygwin distribution. My
> question is, how does one search to find what apps are installed that
> fulfill a certain purpose? For example, I want to see how many apps have

Several ideas:

1. Run "cygcheck -p keyword" which will match 'keyword' as a regexp
against the name, description, and list of filenames contained with each
package.  However, since the result only contains the name and
description of the package it may be a bit confusing if the match
happened to be against a coincidently named filename.

2. Go to <> and use your browser's ctrl-F

3. View the setup.ini file directly, e.g. "wget -q -O - | bzip2 -cd | less".  This is
the only way to view the ldesc field, as it is not currently used by


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