gvim: how to end <STDIN> input

red@pixelearth.net red@pixelearth.net
Fri Nov 2 17:21:00 GMT 2007

Hi List,

This is my first post. I've spent 2 days researching this simple
problem, to no avail:

I have a (external) perl script that I call from vim/gvim (:!scriptname)
to ftp the current buffer to a server. I run gvim by first running
'startx', and then from 'x', I run gvim.

I have a line that takes <STDIN> as confirmation of the upload (y/n).
The script works fine in vim, but in gvim I can't find a way to end the
keyboard input, so the script and gvim hang. Pressing <enter> gives a
new line, and neither ctrl-d or ctrl-shft-d end the input either.

The script works fine in gvim without the <STDIN> line. I use the script
under linux gvim with no problem, and under cygwin vim and the vim in X.
The only problem is in gvim in cygwin.

This should be a simple fix, I just can't figure it out. The worst is
that gvim hangs, and I can't end the script. I have to kill gvim, the
perl process and clean the swp files manually. Unfun.

Any help very appreciated.


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