cygwin 64 a possible solution from the dark side

bob sandefur
Fri Nov 2 04:30:00 GMT 2007


>From time to time I run out of memory using awk with associative arrays in
cygwin. Up to now I rebooted Ubuntu 64, ran the file and returned to cygwin
on xp64. I got a new machine with vista ultimate 64 (I had choices of other
vistas NO XP)/  Microsoft provides a 64 bit Korn shell with awk  (based on
interix) which works with ultimate 64 which works up to at least 10GB of
memory in awk.  There are only about 150 tools provided but it is allegedly
possible to build bash on interix as well. I have no idea about performance
but it’s faster than rebooting.

Robert (Bob) L. Sandefur PE

(is Billy Gates Darth Vader in drag?)

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