Charles D. Russell
Fri Nov 2 00:55:00 GMT 2007

Brian Dessent wrote:
> sroberts82 wrote:
>> Can someone help me understand this, its probably really straightforward but
>> I can't find an answer for this.
>> Why is it when I build the most basic helloworld.exe and try and run it I
>> get told of a dependancy on cygwin1.dll? Why do I need this dll, and what
> When you build that program that calls printf("hello world"), where do
> you think that implementation of printf comes from?  On linux you have a
>, on Cygwin you have a cygwin1.dll, they are analogous.
>> how do I build to avoid needing this?
> You don't.  Or you use something other than Cygwin.

Not as drastic as it sounds.  Look at the compiler flag -mno-cygwin. 
Very handy if you occasionally want to distribute executables without 

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