ssh session hangs while running cmd on remote server

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Thu May 31 20:25:00 GMT 2007

KenLee wrote:
> I'm a Linux newbie, so please excuse my dumb questions. 
> Installed cygwin successfully on a box running Win2003 server.  When I ssh
> to it to run a VB script file (.kcu extension) as "cmd /c update.kcu", my
> client session just hangs until I press Ctrl-C.  Meanwhile on the remote
> server, nothing happens.  
> However, if I run cygwin directly on the box and enter the exact same
> command, the script file runs no problem.  
> Any help would be most appreciated.  

See what the "CYGWIN" environment variable is set to in both cases.  If the
'ssh' session has 'tty', you'll want to remove that.  It's probably in the
server's startup environment.  If having 'tty' set is the problem, you
should be able to reproduce it by running the same script from 'rxvt'.

Otherwise, see <> for a description of the
diagnostic information you should send to the list in any follow-up.

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