Problem with finding mirror lists using setup.exe

Brian Dessent
Thu May 31 00:38:00 GMT 2007

"James Sherman Jr." wrote:

> So I took the mirrors.lst file and placed it in
> d:\cygwin\etc\setup\mirrors-lst (since I set my root directory to be
> d:\cygwin) and I still got the same error about not finding the list of
> download sites.  For some reason I guess it wasn't checking the cache?

I think the feature to consult the cached mirror list was added too
recently to have been in the stable version.

> then I got an error saying that it was:
> "Unable to get setup.ini from <>"
> I tried a couple other mirrors and got the same error.  Furthermore, when I
> manually put the mirrors.lst file in d:\cygwin\etc\setup\mirrors-lst, the
> mirrors list was populated correctly with the 2.572 version. Same error
> about setup.ini still occurs though.

So, this means it's a general inability to access any remote site, not
just mirrors.lst.  You'll either have to solve that, or do the
downloading as a separate step / on a separate machine.  It would be
interesting to see if it's both http and ftp that fail, but I suspect it


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