Problem with finding mirror lists using setup.exe

morgan gangwere
Wed May 30 23:16:00 GMT 2007

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Brian Dessent wrote:
> "James Sherman Jr." wrote:
>> Can't get list of download sites.
>> Make sure your network settings are correct and try again.
> I'm not sure what would be causing that.  I have a VMware Vista install
> that I use for testing setup and I can't reproduce this, both with UAC
> disabled or enabled.  I didn't have a need to do anything special such
> as "run with administrator privileges", but I think this happens
> automatically when the binary is called "setup.exe".
> You should of course try a development snapshot of setup
> <> but I can't think of anything that
> would have changed in this area.  You can also try putting a copy of the
> mirrors.lst file as /etc/setup/mirrors-lst and setup would then use this
> cached copy of the list.  But as to why it can't fetch the URL itself, I
> have no idea.  It could be some quirk of your networking setup.
> As an additional workaround, you can download the packages using any
> method you want such as wget (or running setup in Download Only mode on
> another PC) and then run setup on the problematic PC in Install From
> Local Directory mode to bypass the need to fetch anything online.
> Brian
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im not sure if this is whats going on, but you have to let setup.exe
talk to the internet.

With windows firewall: when setup.exe comes up there should be a box
that says "setup.exe [unknown publisher] is trying to access the
internet - do you want to let it?"

you have wait 10-30 seconds before it'll let you talk to the net.

(also, you have to be a real admin to do this - you _are_ installing
cygwin as an administrator, _right_? )

if im wrong, sorry.

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