Problem with setup.exe - C:\cygwin\bin\* isn't created

Thorsten Kampe
Wed May 30 10:51:00 GMT 2007

* Jean-Pierre Bogler (Wed, 30 May 2007 07:16:42 +0200)
> I hope you can help me, I'm really having problems to install cygwin.
> My OS is Win2k SP 2. I have downloaded the latest version of setup.exe
> (2.510.2.2) and stored it into C:\cyginstall.
> I started the installation with administrator rights. Then I went through
> the installation choosing:
> - Installation from Internet
> - C:\cygwin as root path
> - Install for all users
> - Textfile type: Unix/binary
> - Internet Connection: Direct Connection
> - A mirror near to me:
> - I did not change the package settings and wanted to make a default
> installation
> The download process worked well an the installation began. After the
> installation I decided to add a desktop icon and double clicked on it.
> The dos box told me that it can't change the directory und can't find
> bash.exe :(, so I looked into the C:\cygwin directory.
> The only installed directories are: etc, lib, sbin, usr, var. And the files:
> cygwin.bat and cygwin.ico. There is no bin directory!
> The setup.log file is full of the complaining listed below (... means that
> the message above appears more than once).
> I hope you can help me. Many thanks in advance!

I mean sorry, why don't you have a look at it yourself?! It's not 
Sanskrit and it's pretty self-explaining. "running: c:\Dokumente und
Einstellungen\Wohnzimmer\Desktop\PDFMergeW\PDFMerge\bin\\bash.exe -
c" - couldn't get much more explicit, could it?


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