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morgan gangwere
Tue May 29 16:12:00 GMT 2007

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Eric Lilja wrote:
> Hi, I've installed qt-win-opensource-4.2.3-mingw.exe from trolltech and
> I'm using the tools installed by cygwin to develop Qt programs. Well,
> one could argue I'm not really using cygwin because I have to pass
> -mno-cygwin when compiling otherwise I get errors for non-trivial programs.
> Anyway, -mno-cygwin makes the executables dependent on mingwm10.dll
> instead of cygwin1.dll, correct? Since my QT programs depend on this dll
> I can only start them from a cygwin shell since cygwin itself is not in
> windows path (and I don't think it should be).
> My question is how safe is it to put mingwm10.dll in the windows path so
> I can start my qt programs from explorer? That would mean having two
> copies of the same dll in the path under cygwin...which I know is bad
> for cygwin1.dll. I was thinking of writing a startup script that checks
> that the files are identical so I know when I need to update the copy. I
> also tried to put a shortcut to the dll but that didn't work which was
> very unfortunate I think.
> Any comments welcome...sorry for being off-topic, but maybe this is of
> interest to people using cygwin and maybe want to develop Qt programs
> and don't have a real mingw installation (I don't).
> - Eric
> PS. I know -mno-cygwin is probably going to be removed in a future
> version of cygwin's compiler, does that mean I would have to maintain a
> real mingw installation to develop Qt programs? I have MSVC++ as well,
> but I believe the Qt version for MSVC++ costs money. Maybe I will buy
> that later when I really need a debugger I can wrap my head around, heh.
> DS.
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easy way:
1 - compile as normal
2 - after qmake finishes, COPY cygwin1.dll mingwm10.dll and qtui.dll (or
someshizzat like that) to the OUTPUT directory of your build. now you
can run all this from just doulble clicking it in Windows.

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