file permissions on vista

Arnaud Legout
Tue May 29 08:53:00 GMT 2007

Hello Brian,

Brian Dessent wrote:
> I can't reproduce this.  I right click and create a new Notepad file
> foo.txt, it has the permissions:

may be you have deactivated the UAC as morgan suggested?
> The permissions on a file created with native Windows methods should
> inherit from the parent folder, following standard NTFS rules, so maybe
> you need to look at what the containing folder's permissions are set to.

I see. Indeed, the access right on the \cygwin\c was 000, then I did a 
chmod u+rwx on this folder,
but of course, vista is not aware of that and I suppose that NTFS still 
consider that c has no right,
thus any folder and file created in c:.
However, I have no idea how to manage those rights on vista.
Do you know any reasonable documentation on those access rights on vista.
Also, how are mapped the vista rights to the cygwin rights?


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