problem with drive letters when running from DOS box

Erich Dollansky
Tue May 29 07:56:00 GMT 2007


I noticed a strange problem. I tried to run 'cmp' from a DOS box but it 
could not find the file.

cmp d:\Data\file1 e:file2

did simply not see file2 even if I started cmp from e:.

As I was off-line when I needed cmp, I wrote my own cmp to compare the 

What surprise. The same effect.

I investigated further just to find out that fopen does not find files 
if they do not contain '\' after the drive letter.

In the test case, E: does not contain any directories which might 
confuse fopen.

I updated cygwin last week.

cygwin1.dll is dated 31.01.2007.

Both programs work as expected when started from bash.


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