dd image onto a usb key

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Mon May 28 23:54:00 GMT 2007

morgan gangwere wrote:

> well, you could MOUNT the image and COPY the files over, but thats a
> really tricky thing to do in cygwin (none of my attempts have worked)

It's "really tricky" because it's impossible.  The mount command in
Cygwin simply manipulates a table of path translation entries, e.g.
"c:/cygwin/bin = /bin".  It is not a mount command like you'd find in
Linux, it cannot do a loopback mount or anything like that.  Cygwin is
not a kernel, it does not implement any filesystem drivers.  If you want
to mount an ISO image, you need to use a native Windows tool, like
Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120%, and I'm sure countless others.  Once the
image is mounted as a drive letter you can of course add Cygwin mount
entries to locate it where you want it in the POSIX filespace, but again
that's just doing a glorified search/replace on the pathname, which is
all the Cygwin mount table amounts to.


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