Processing A Script Too Slow under Cygwin

Linda Walsh
Mon May 28 23:23:00 GMT 2007

ilak1008 wrote:
> In fact, my script process a file about 5 sec under SFU while under Cygwin,
> it takes about 30 sec or longer.  I wish to continue using Cygwin. 
> Therefore, is there a better way to make the processing faster without the
> need of optimizing my script?  

	Strange.  While cygwin may be no speed demon next to native
win32 apps, when I last did timing tests between SFU and Cygwin, Cygwin
was faster by a few noses (which meant Cygwin was pretty good at what it
does given the MS's own unix emulation layer was slower).

	Must be something in your workload that's putting the brakes on
Cygwin.  Can you post an example of what you are talking about?  In my
case, I was timing file-system-wide "find" commands that were looking for
files to cleanup (like old core files, tmp files...etc).

	What are you doing in your script?  Perhaps you're hitting some
network timeout somewhere?

Linda W.

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