Setting $HOME ?

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Sun May 27 04:33:00 GMT 2007

Isaac Good wrote:
> I was running CygWin for a while and all was nice.
> One day, I ran CygWin and it did not start me in the correct $HOME
> directory.
> Checking env, both $HOME and $HOMEPATH are wrong. How are those set?
> Manually setting the two in the cygwin.bat doesn't get it to run
> %HOMEPATH%/.bashrc on login.
> Changing the chdir in the batch file fixes $HOME but not $HOMEPATH and
> also doesn't get .bashrc to run.
> Tried `id -un` and checking etc/passwd. Looks right.

See '/etc/profile' for a description of where Cygwin looks to set HOME.

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