problem concating (>>) to a large file

Eric Blake
Sat May 26 14:58:00 GMT 2007

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According to Peter Milne on 5/25/2007 9:55 PM:
> Hi Eric
> Thanks for responding to my query.
> Brian Dessent also responded.  He suggested using the following command:
> 	dd if=B of=A bs=64k conv=notrunc oflag=append
> but this gave the same result as >>, that is, it stuck the contents of file
> B at the front of A rather than at the end.

If that happened, it is a different bug, since dd does not go through the
stdio library, therefore does not see the bug in stdout being in 32-bit
mode instead of 64-bit mode.  Exactly how big are a and b?  I'd like to
try to reproduce this, and observe what strace has to say about it,
because I agree with Brian that it should work.

> It looks like dd is broken in
> this respect in the current version of cygwin.  I wonder if dd will come
> good in 1.70.0 too?  Do you have any idea when 1.70.0 will be released?

1.70.0?  Not for many, many more years (after all, the 1.5.x series lasted
for several years). :)  1.7.0, on the other hand, might be released this
year, once it is ready.  But in classic open source mindset, the release
will be sooner if you help.

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