multiple cygwin1.dll message

Fri May 25 18:06:00 GMT 2007

I just upgraded cygwin after leaving it dormant
for about 2 years. It was working properly before,
but now things are broken.

I got the multiple cygwin1.dll message, actually
pointing to c:\windows\system32\cygwin1.dll . But
that file is not there! I did a Windows find, and
found another copy, but it was in an archive, I
let it remove it, and I have rebooted dozens of times
now and the multiple message still comes up, but Windows
finds no other copies other than c:\cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll.
As does a cygwin "find" on the c device.

I have tried to find an answer on the web site and by
just googling, and there is information, but basically
it says find the others and delete them. I can't find
the other one.

I've downgraded cygwin to the previous version, rebooted
many times, and the setup.exe still complains about the
phantom file.
suggests running in cygwin:

cygcheck -s -v -r > check.txt

and open the generated file check.txt in your favorite text editor. 
Search keyword "warning" in the document. Especially, if you find line:

Warning: There are multiple cygwin1.dlls on your path
Indeed, I found the warning in the output, but I am hesitant
to remove things from the path because it may break other
installed software. And another cygwin1.dll isn't found
in any case.

In the cygcheck output above, I also see a number of Warnings about
g77, like:
Warning: C:\cygwin\bin\gcc.exe hides c:\g77\bin\gcc.exe
are they of any concern?

I am about to install the current version again, but doubt this
will help.

What can I do?

I am new to cygwin, but not to UNIX.


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