Problems with XPDF on Cygwin with recent snapshots (newlib ?)

Marco Atzeri
Fri May 25 13:24:00 GMT 2007

--- Christopher Faylor 
> strace is not a reliable indicator of problem
> location but from the above it seems
> like the error is coming from a DLL other than
> cygwin which is located at
> 0x6B14d431 .

cygt1-5.dll		0x10000000
cygwin1.dll		0x61000000
cygfreetype-6.dll	0x61300000
cygXdmcp-6.dll		0x61440000
cyggetaddrinfo-0.dll	0x62380000
lpk.dll	                0x629C0000
cygXau-6.dll		0x64000000
hnetcfg.dll		0x662B0000
pnrpnsp.dll		0x66580000
cygXext-6.dll		0x66780000
cygiconv-2.dll		0x674C0000
cygXft-2.dll		0x67900000
cygXt-6.dll		0x689C0000
cygexpat-0.dll		0x68CC0000
cygSM-6.dll		0x68E40000
cygfontconfig-1.dll	0x692C0000
cygICE-6.dll		0x6A340000

cygXm-2.dll		0x6B100000

cygxcb-xlib-0.dll	0x6B800000
cygX11-6.dll		0x6C140000
cygXp-6.dll		0x6E240000
cygxcb-1.dll		0x6E7C0000
cygintl-8.dll		0x6F5C0000
cygXrender-1.dll	0x6F600000

if sysinternals process explorer is right

looks cygXm-2.dll from 
cygwinports libXm2-0.95.0-1


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