make-3.81 update?

Brian Dessent
Fri May 25 05:35:00 GMT 2007

Rob Walker wrote:

> My situation is this: I cannot advocate an off-the-rack Cygwin
> installation for my team or my customers.  My current choices are:
>    1. supply an in-house compiled Cygwin version of make-3.81 (without
>       cygwin1.dll, of course) that has the patch, with installation
>       instructions and caveats
>    2. supply an old Cygwin make-3.80 (with similar instructions and
>       /more/ caveats)
>    3. tell my customers and team to "figure it out"
> Is the CVS version with its bugs worse (calls for some subjectivity)
> than the current Cygwin make-3.81-1?  Are the bugs new since 3.81-1?
> Can Cygwin take *just* the "colon in paths" patch?

4. Package whatever version of make you desire in the Cygwin package
format with a package version number that's numerically higher than
what's on the official mirrors, put it on a server somewhere, create a
setup.ini for it, and have your customers add that URL as as an
additional installation mirror in setup.exe in addition to whatever
normal mirror they use.

5. Provide a simple script that automatically fetches and installs the
updated files (we're talking about a single 150KB executable here, how
hard is this?) and fudges the /etc/setup/installed.db so that it will
not be accidently uninstalled/overwritten by future runs of setup.


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