password authentication fails in cygwin openssh windows xp pro

René Berber
Fri May 25 04:12:00 GMT 2007

Dan Miller wrote:

> Ok....Rene you are the woman! Thank you so much.

Er ... actually René is a male name, Renee is the female equivalent (I know,
there is Rene Russo and others that have the wrong name, but what do they know,
the name comes from France).

> I was sort of blowing
> off the event log because it appeared that windows couldn't determine
> what the problem was...but at the very end it said user dan not allowed
> because shell /bin/bash is not executable. so I chmod 700 /bin/bash.exe
> and I'm in!! It worked It actually worked!! :-) Any idea why this was
> set up this way...doesn't seem to be a problem I've come across in other
> peoples efforts to get this going.

No, I've never seen this, very strange.  I have 750 for bash's permissions
(-rwxr-x---), your other user may have problems if both login at the same time.

>     Anyway, so now I can ssh into the computer as user dan which has a
> local login etc. I want to add another user that has a user account on
> the computer but is not allowed to login interactively to windows. Can
> you tell me how to do that?

The user needs a password... and he might not have a home directory (on first
login it is created by the shell).

> I can't seem to su within cygwin to rerun
> ssh-user-config. How do I set up another user in cygwin and then switch
> to that user and run the ssh-user-config script? I made a folder in the
> home directory for the new user, but it doesn't have the standard bash
> files. Thanks again!

The new user doesn't need to run ssh-user-config, that only creates the default
~/.ssh directory with some defaults, and the keys which are only necessary for
public key authentication.  You can login as the second user as it is now, just
make sure the home is the correct one, then he can run the script.
René Berber

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