1.7.0 Cannot use any command

Carlos Eduardo Carrillo Ochoa soporte@checatuhuella.com
Thu May 24 23:20:00 GMT 2007

Hi, I have just installed Cygwin, I use the cygwin.bat file with this lines:

@echo off

chdir C:\cygwin\bin

bash --login -i

So the console opens with the bash user:


But I can't use any command, it tells me "Command not found":

bash-3.2$ ls
bash: ls: command not found
bash-3.2$ gcc -o hello hello.c
bash: gcc: command not found
bash-3.2$ mkdir -p //MACHINE/Share/path/to/new/dir
bash: mkdir: command not fount

I have installed the Cygwin with the defaults, Is there any configuration 
that I have to set?.


--Forgive my bad english hehe. 

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