password authentication fails in cygwin openssh windows xp pro

Dan Miller
Thu May 24 07:52:00 GMT 2007


I could really use some help with cygwin openssh on windows XP pro. I've 
been trying for nearly 5 days now to get this to work and it just won't. 
I've read most posts and tried a number of different things.

my ssh version is openssh_4.6p1 open ssl 0.9.8e (23 Feb, 2007)

CYGWIN installs fine.
I selected packages cygrunsrv, nano, openssh, openssl, rsync, 
tcp-wrappers, and the dependencies that go with them.

After installation I changed the path statement in Windows to include 

here it is
C:\Program Files\UVP 
Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel;C:\Program Files\Common 
Files\GTK\2.0\bin;C:\Program Files\Zone 

Checked and the only version of cygwin1.dll on my system is the one in 

I created an environment variable named CYGWIN and set its value to 
ntsec tty

ran ssh-host-config and answered yes to all questions including 
privilege separation
When asked for the value of CYGWIN I again typed ntsec tty

At this point I can start the sshd service (cygrunsrv -S sshd) but if I 
try to login (ssh localhost) I get a password prompt and it fails.

So, I made a new user named sshdproc, gave it the administrators 
password, and put it in the administrators group and gave it the 
following rights:

Create a token object
Log on as a service
Replace a process level token
Act as part of the operating system
Deny log on locally
Deny access to this computer from the network

Then I changed the sshd service logon to logon as sshdproc
mkpasswd -l | grep sshdproc >> /etc/passwd
touch /var/log/sshd.log <enter>'
chmod 644 /var/log/sshd.log
chown sshdproc /var/empty /var/log/sshd.log /etc/ssh_*

now I can start the sshd service, it runs as sshdproc, but still when I 
ssh localhost I get prompted and my password fails

so I ssh-user-config

still no joy.....

Can someone please give me some advice on where to go from here. I don't 
know what else to try and I don't know how to troubleshoot why my 
password is failing to authenticate.



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