a suggestion for added link in the start menu

Frank Fesevur ffes@users.sourceforge.net
Wed May 23 20:52:00 GMT 2007

At 23-5-2007 19:35, Roger Pack wrote:
> Other random ramblings.
> Also nice would be a command line tool similar to apt-get to install
> "as if from setup.exe" package x or y and its dependencies (exists?).
> Then you could run a command on it like 'update all my current
> packages!' from the command line or what not.  Perhaps  setup.exe
> could do the same thing. But anyway just some thoughts. Thanks for
> cygwin!

There are command line options for setup.exe:

setup --quiet-mode --no-shortcuts --no-startmenu --no-desktop

I have a .bat file that stops the cygwin services (like sshd), run the 
setup with these flags and starts the services again.


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